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recruitment consultancy


From A-level school leavers to University Graduates, to entry level Insurance technicians and Wordings or account handlers to brokers and account executes, Business producers, C -suite and Leadership positions, we cover it all within the most diverse and forward thinking market in the World in any vertical, class or territory.


There isn’t a skillset that we are not familiar with over in our Tech team. So, whatever your situation: filling an urgent void, technical planning for the latest environment, or even engaging a fresh set of eyes to secure a new steer, we have you covered, regardless of location.  

recruitment consultancy
recruitment consultancy


Whether it’s a vineyard tasting session in Italy, a safari tour in Kenya or a simple day at the races, we have been delivering events to both reward and keep your teams motivated for many years. Not sure of what to arrange? We have the ideas and the contacts to make it memorable, just drop us a line with approximate attendee numbers, delivery dates and a budget and we’ll literally deliver the ultimate 360 experience.

Secretarial & Support

Often referred to as the backbone of all organisations, yet seldom seen, heard or recognised, we have the utmost respect for this sector and always keep a large talent pool of individuals on hand to cater for our clients demands, frequently with little or no notice. We understand both the unexpected and planned needs for this sector and therefore provide maximum flexibility, to keep your organisation running seamlessly.

recruitment consultancy

Social Media Management

1686 have invested heavily in this area and have an automated solution to keep your business at the forefront utilising all of the latest tools, whilst ensuring that our feeds constantly hit the right demographics and even more importantly, automatically monitoring content to ensure strict adherence with broadcasted material.

We provide a professional, knowledgeable and tailored consultancy service to both clients and candidates.