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PR & Social Media Management

Media profile management on both a commercial and personal basis for all PR related information pertaining to your business success. This is a niche offering that aligns with the Governments soon to be released “Harms Bill” which will see a new corporate penalty system introduced leading to maximum fines for non-adherence. 
With online abuse levels being reported at an all-time high, our management product focuses on dissolving the downsides of Social Media for those that operate in the public eye or for whom simply rely on mass data being distributed electronically. We safely manage the risk factor for both organisations and individuals, all whilst keeping your profiles active, current and prominent. 

We are able to offer AI based automated related packages, or should you prefer human contact, dedicated and informed Account Managers that operate 365 days per year.

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The power of our numbers

We are a growing company and seek the very best, entrepreneurial and forward-thinking consultants who are both ambitious and interested in doing things a little bit differently. If this describes you, then please reach out, as we would love to hear from you.

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I have known and worked with Steve for almost 20 years during which time he has become an valued partner for myself and Tysers. He has worked diligently throughout the time I’ve known him and has introduced many teams and individuals who have successfully fitted into the Tyser organisation.

What we do

We don’t just recruit for our clients, we consult and collaboratively work in unison to manoeuvre them into a position of market dominance, therefore enabling them to attract the very best the market has to offer.

Contingency work

Working alongside your divisional leaders to enhance their offering to clients from administrations, to technical and wordings staff, through to account handlers/executives, brokers and producers and C Suit hires.

Executive Search & Selection

Executive Search & Selection – finding those elusive market leaders that add value, leadership and credibility to your business.

recruitment consultancy

Our clients

Our clients are some of the market-leading and most ambitious independent Insurance & Reinsurance brokers in the World.

recruitment consultancy

Shoulder taps and Market maps

If your business has already identified key individuals that you would like to approach and engage with, SixteenEighty6 are able to offer an NDA based “shoulder tap”. The benefits are two-fold, as it remains completely confidential to your business and should either party decide not to proceed, the whole process is confidentially dissolved with zero ability to discuss at a future date.

Equally, if your business intentions are to expand on an entire team basis, we also offer a “market mapping” service, that is based on thorough research and a subsequent detailed report, allowing you to make a more informed decision based on overall viability.

We provide a professional, knowledgeable and tailored consultancy service to both clients and candidates.